Some Photoshopping

Playing around with Photoshop a little more than straight photography lately. I’m not exactly sure what to call this series.

Battle Hack War Armadillo War Turtle

Excavators at Tablerock

Big machines beg for the HDR treatment. Processed with Nik’s HDR Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4, and a bit of OnOne’s Perfect Efects 4


Excavator 2

Geek Demotivators

Geeky demotivator posters. Check out my Girls on Comics page for purchasing options.

More Girls on Comics

Slowly but surely making headway for my calendar project.

Raelee Girl on Comics

Some edits from today’s shoot.

Spirit of Boise 2012

Few pictures from our annual balloon festival.

Girl on Comics Calendar Casting Call

I’m trying to finish up my Girl on Comics calendar project and of course I’ve changed it up a bit. I still like the various costumes but it’s turning out to be hard to make a good looking, cohesive calendar out of what I have. Instead of punting on it like I did last year, I’m going to simplify it and do a Girl in Bikini on Comics calendar.

I need 12-15 models (basically I need to re shoot the whole thing) and I’m hoping to do the shoots over two weekends in September. Attire will simply be whatever bikini you want to wear. Simple, solid colors work best since the background is a little chaotic. Bringing a couple to choose from would be great, too. If you have a red, white, and blue “4th of July theme” bikini that would be awesome. I’m also hoping for a Christmas-y looking one, too (possibly solid red?)

Since I’m on a timeline and I really need models to show up, I’m offering one crisp Jackson (that’s a $20 bill) for every model that shows up. I know it’s not much but it’s all I can offer right now. Plus, unlike others, I’m willing to pay a little bit instead of trying to get you to work for free or for “exposure.” I’m pretty sure I can get the shots I need in about an hour of your time.

Here are the time slots I have for shooting. If you are interested get a hold of me either via whatever site (FB/ModelMayhem) you visited from or by emailing: fialkowskiphoto [at] gmail [dot] com


  • If you don’t have a MM portfolio or publicly visible FB profile or other place to see recent photos, I’m likely to ask for a recent snap shot.
  • Yes, you may bring someone along. If they cause problems, I reserve the right to end the shoot & not pay
  • There will be a release to sign

Shoot Time Slots

October 6
11am – Booked
1pm – Booked
3pm – Booked
6pm – Booked
8pm – Booked

October 7
1pm – Booked
3pm – Message for availability

Fair Entries

Prints available for all of these. Click Here

Best of Show Monochrome

First Place HDR

Didn’t place but I still like it.

New Site

OK, I’m pretty sure I have everything I need moved from the old host in order. If you see something amiss, send me a message.

Abandoned Cement Factory

A couple of years ago I took the kids to the Oregon coast. Along the way we saw this abandoned cement factory in the “town” of Lime, Oregon. I always wanted to go back and explore and maybe do a high-fashion-ish photo shoot there. After researching it on the web, I decided that I would first need to just poke around a bit before dragging anyone else there. Fast forward to this summer and I still hadn’t managed to make it there. I decided that I needed to fix that so I hopped in the car and took a short little drive.

I went in the middle of the day because I wanted the best possible light for exploring. Bright, flat light may suck for photos but this was primarily an exploration trip. I’ve seen a couple of posts saying this place is a potential death trap and I can say that they weren’t really exaggerating. Walking around I would stumble upon a hole that was 20 feet deep with lots of edges to severely hurt yourself. To paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, you could get killed or even worse there. I went solo but I do not recommend doing that. I didn’t explore as much as I wanted because of that.

The size of the remaining structures is amazing. Additionally, how far down they go into the ground is pretty interesting, too. Graffiti “artists” have used it as a canvas which I have to laugh at because it really is in the middle of nowhere. I guess spray cans travel well. 🙂

There is a rail line that goes next to the site and there looks to be a couple of interesting vantage points for photographers who are into that. It seems to me that part of the structure has been removed since I drove by it two years ago. There is a new windmill installation on top of the hills to the north and the east bridge leading in to Lime is being rebuilt. I would not be surprised if the plant is fully demolished in a year.

Photo techno-geek stuff:
I used my Canon 7D with Tamron 10-24mm lens for these shots. I bracketed them all with a 2 stop difference. Processing was then done in Lightroom and Nik’s HDR Efex Pro.

Photos after the break
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